As a rule of thumb it's better to get a frame that is a little smaller than one that is too large. You can adjust the seat post and other components, such as the stem, to get the fit that is best for you. There must be at least one inch of clearance between the top tube and the crotch of the rider.


  • 50cm frameset: 5'1 to 5'7
  • 54cm frameset: 5'8 to 6'1


  • 52cm frameset: 5'2 to 5'8
  • 56cm frameset: 5'9 to 6'2

What is the difference between fixed gear and single-speed?

This can be confusing for many people. A fixed gear bike has a rear cog that continually rotates along with the pedals. This means that you can’t stop pedaling once you start moving. In other words, the pedals are always moving and you can’t coast. This sounds very strange and takes some getting used to but it makes for a fun ride because you will feel connected to the bike. Single speed / freewheel means you are riding with just one gear but you can coast and relax while riding. This is the standard configuration most people will be comfortable with and it is how our bikes are shipped. 

Should I ride fixed gear or single-speed?

This is up to you. The best part about our bikes is that they come with both a fixed gear cog and a free wheel single speed cog. This is called a flip flop hub. All you have to do is flip the back wheel around and you can change from freewheel to fixed gear. This way you can change back and forth and learn to ride fixed gear. It’s almost like having two bikes in one!

How much do your bikes weigh?

Fully assembled, our bikes weigh 17 to 20 pounds. This varies depending on bar type selected and the size of the frame.

How much assembly do I have to do when I get my bike?

Your bike is partially dissembled for shipment and packed in a heavyweight 7-layer shipping carton. Though packed for shipment, your Courselle Cycle bike will arrive 90% assembled. All you have to do is attach the front wheel, pedals, handlebar and do some minor tuning and tweaking. For proper assembly and safety, it is recommended to have your bike checked out by a trained bicycle mechanic.

Why are there no quick release levers on the bike?

Our bikes are built on the premise of track bikes. Traditionally these bikes are ridden on a track in arenas where it is unnecessary to have fast wheel changes, or any change in seat post height. We are following this tradition with our bikes. An added advantage is that it makes it much harder to steal your bikes wheels or seat as they are securely attached with bolts.